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It Security MITS5004
Subject Name – IT Security
Subject Code – MITS5004
University Name – Victorian Institute of Technology, Australia

IT Security MITS5004

IT Security MITS5004 is a critical subject for the students of the Victorian Institute of Technology who are doing their post-graduation in Masters of Information and Technology.

The subject focuses on enhancing students’ knowledge in a variety of fields of IT by covering topics like – Programming Languages, Operating System Security, Secure Design Principles, Software Security, Network Security, Wireless Network Security, Cryptography tools & Algorithms, IT Security Management, and Risk Assessment, IT Threats & Attacks, and many more.

Introduction to IT Security MITS5004

What is IT Security?
Information security (IT), refers to the safeguarding of data, particularly as it is being processed. IT security aims to keep unauthorised third parties from tampering with data and systems. This means that socio-technical systems within firms/organisations, i.e. people and technology, as well as their data, are safeguarded from harm and dangers. This includes not only data and information but also physical data centers and cloud services.

The Objective of IT Security
Information or data has become more and more valuable for every organization in the last couple of years. Therefore, it is critically important for every organization to protect it. The objective of IT Security is to maintain confidentiality as well as the integrity of the information. Also, to oversee the availability of required information when needed.

Confidentiality of Information
Confidentiality of IT Security means that data or information is available to only certain authorised people. It means data access must be properly defined to protect the information.

Information Integrity
Information integrity is the overall accuracy, completeness, and consistency of information. It also means the safety of data and information in regard to regulatory compliance.

IT Security Threats and Attacks
IT Security Threats- Any circumstance or event with the potential to adversely impact organizational operations (including mission, functions, image, or reputation), organizational assets, individuals, other organizations, or the Nation through an information system via unauthorized access, destruction, disclosure, modification of information, and/or denial of service.

IT Security Attacks- Any kind of malicious activity that attempts to collect, disrupt, deny, degrade, or destroy information system resources or the information itself.

Various Threats on IT Security Systems-

Physical Threat
The physical threat can be caused accidentally or intentionally by damaging the computer system hardware and software.
Internal Threats
Factors such as unstable power supply, hardware fault, or internal humidity may result in an internal threat to the system.
External Threats
Lightning, floods, and earthquakes are some of the common external factors that may cause damage to the hardware and other physical parts of the computer system.
Non-Physical Threats
All possible causes of contactless security breaches, including data corruption, information loss, operational disruption, and cybersecurity breaches, are included.
Attacks on IT Security Systems-

A virus is a malicious computer program that, when run, replicates itself and alters the host computer system’s program by injecting its own code. They’re usually designed to spread from one system to another in order to harm the computer.
It is a collection of malicious software that collects information from the computer and transmits it to another computer system by monitoring screen data, keystrokes, or by scanning files on the system for sensitive information.
Computer worms are harmful programs that self-replicate and spread over a computer network, usually within an organization. Internet worms, e-mail worms, file sharing worms, and instant-messaging worms are all examples of computer worms.
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IT Security is used by every organization nowadays to prevent any kind of unauthorized access to their servers, computer system, networks, and data. IT Security is one of the most important fields in the IT sector and students often find difficulty in this subject due to its complexity.

It offers a wide range of career opportunities all over the world, which is why Victorian Institute of Technology students are enrolling in the MITS5004 – IT Security course, which aims to improve students’ ability to critically analyze IT security tools and determine the most appropriate cyber security strategy for any organization

However, due to tedious and difficult topics such as data confidentiality, data integrity, communication security, cryptography, ethical hacking, cryptographic algorithm, and much more, it can be extremely difficult for university students to achieve high grades in the MITS5004 – IT Security exam.

This is why they seek online exam help from professionals.

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Sample Paper of IT Security-


Submit your answers in the word file, with your student ID and name. Ensure you upload your file in the given time, once the time is over LMS will not accept any submissions.

Question1- RSA encrypts, and decrypt operations are:
Consider an RSA public key PU = {13,629}. Encrypt the message M = {4} using the public key to get the Cipher key using the RSA Encryption. (5marks)

Question2- Associated with each file in UNIX is a set of 12 protection bits. The owner ID, group ID, and protection bits are part of the file’s inode. Nine of the protection bits specify read, write, and execute permission for the owner of the file, other members of the group to which this file belongs, and all other users. The following figure shows an example. Describe the permissions to the file owner, all other members of the file’s group, and all other users outside the group. (5marks)

Question3- Given the firewall configuration in the Figure, answer the following questions: (10marks)
(a) Comment on what you understand by the DMZ Networks? (5 Marks)
(b) What is your opinion, what are some of the functions of the internal and external firewall in the network design? (5 Marks)

Question4- In the AES Cipher, four different stages are used, one of permutation and three of substitution:
1. Substitute Bytes: Uses a table, referred to as an S-box,3 to perform a byte-by-byte substitution of the block (2 Marks)
2. Shift Rows: A simple permutation that is performed row by row (2 Marks)
3. Mix Columns: A substitution that alters each byte in a column as a function of all of the bytes in the column (2 Marks)
4. Add Round key: A simple bitwise XOR of the current block with a portion of the expanded key-
(a) What will be the result of applying the Sub Byte Transformation operation to the following input state: Use the S-box Table provided. (2 Marks)
(b) What will be the result of applying shift row transformation to the output of the previous step? (2 Marks)

Question5- For the following figures, explain in your own words the two methods used for message authentication? (5marks)
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