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The SQE exam is usually the centralized examination, especially for those who want to qualify as a solicitor in England and Wales. It is part of a new, four-stage passage to becoming a solicitor, introduced in the year 2021. To qualify via the SQE exam route you must possess a degree in any subject. However, you also need to qualify for SQE exam -1 and SQE exam -2 assessments*

For an advanced understanding, let’s discuss What

is SQE Exam

The SQE exam is a centralized (SQE) test for solicitors that will ultimately replace the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL)and the Legal Practice Course (LPC). For your benefit, we are here to help & guide you as you don’t have to be belied – as it’s not a course but a series of SQE tests which is been taken in two phases.

As per the new system trainee solicitors must:

  • possess a degree in any subject
  • pass stages 1 and 2 of the (SQE exam)
  • must have a complete two years of qualifying work experience
  • meet the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA’s) qualities and suitability essentials.

Moreover, it is helpful in a practical sense apparently, for your degree level qualification to be in law, it doesn’t have to be. Since the graduates of any subject background can take the SQE (UK) and if you want to make sure that the students with non-law graduates are prepared for the exam, law conversion courses and SQE exam help preparation programs are available.

Undergoing the process of the SQE exam, law graduates will qualify as a solicitor approximately in five to six years, while it will take apprentices and non-law graduates five to seven years to complete the exam.

Details Regarding Solicitors Qualifying Examination Test & Exam Pattern

For a better knowledge of the SQE test, we must get deep into the fields & patterns of the SQE exam.

The SQE exam is divided into Solicitors Qualifying Examination 1 and Solicitors Qualifying Examination 2 and will be graded on a pass/fail basis. Kaplan will be the SQE assessment provider, and further, the two companies will cooperate to use the person’s extensive network of testing structures throughout England and Wales. Thus the exam will be executed several times a year.

Solicitors Qualifying Examination 1

SQE exam 1 must be taken following graduation. Two exams totaling 180 multiple-choice questions each are evaluated to consider practical legal knowledge. The first exam covers the subsequent topics:



Business law and practice

Dispute resolution

The legal system of England and Wales

Constitutional and administrative law and EU law and legal services

The topics concealed in the second section of SQE exam 1 are:

Wills and administration of estates

Property practice

Solicitors accounts


Land law

Criminal law and practice.

As the first round of the SQE law exam is completed on a computer in a single assessment window, to be completed in one sitting. The only time condition is that SQE exam 1 must be completely passed to move further before you can attempt SQE exam 2.

However, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) expects that the majority of graduates will pass SQE exam 1 before commencing their main period of work experience. Since the SQE qualification is mandatory. Moreover, the two years of SQE exam qualification work experience can be taken at any moment during the SQE exam.

Solicitors Qualifying Examination 2

SQE exam 2 estimates legal practicality. The particular SQE test is spread out over five days and consists of 16 practical exercises with a combination of written and oral components. All the way around, your ethics and professional behavior are being evaluated. SQE exam 2 assesses the following skills:


Legal research

Legal writing

Legal drafting

Legal case analysis

Client interview and attendance note/legal analysis

Criminal litigation, dispute resolution, property practice, wills and intestacy, probate management, and business organization rules and guidelines are the training contexts.

SQE exam Attempt Limits

Also, along with that, you are only authorized to retake the exams (SQE exam 1 and SQE exam 2) three times, at most, and each passing attempt has to be made within six years.

SQE Assessment Providers

Kaplan is the only authorized exam assessment provider. Since the SQE assessment provider, Kaplan is not authorized to deliver SQE exam 2 practice courses. The SQE exam 2 lawful analysis and written guidance and drafting assessments are also available in established examination centers across England and Wales and internationally. However, to make sure that the examinations are comparable and uniform, the remaining three role-play SQE exam 2 assessments are only obtainable in designated examination centers in England and Wales. Significantly the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is the governing body that specifies the learning that candidates must demonstrate on the exam. We would always recommend that prospects must visit the SRA website for any recent modifications.

Path To Follow For SQE UK

As the SRA claims that it is a bit formidable to guarantee that all aspiring solicitors are reckoned to the same standard given the number of organizations currently entangled in the process. The SQE exam makes sure to provide consistency and high standards across the panel and diverts the prototype of the idea that one route to SQE Qualification is preferable to another by requiring all trainee solicitors, nonetheless of the way they take. Therefore be it a law degree, non-law degree, or law apprenticeship, you can sit in the same qualifying exam.

Subsequently, SRA also thinks that by reducing the cost of study, the SQE exam will make the legal career more accessible and comparable to those of GDL and LPC.)

Characteristics of the SQE Exam

With the latest guidelines, there are a few changes that have been to light recently.

  • With the latest (SQE exam) they respect the capacity to let forthcoming solicitors study at their own pace which is advantageous to the upcoming prospects.
  • Along with that, your wish to take part-time or full-time lessons over a range of periods to train students for the two, SQE1 and SQE2. Students can opt to work full or part-time while pursuing their education according to their circumstances.
  • Secondly, a point that can cease your attention is that those who must work for pay while conducting the SQE exam can apply for that work while incorporating that work as Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) as long as it is terminated on an appropriate ground.
  • Moreover, for your satisfaction, there is a reason why the (SQE) is a much more flexible choice for many apprentice solicitors is that these two years of Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) can be acquired at up to four alliances, and don’t need to take place throughout one ongoing 24-month period.
  • Prospects must complete practical, work-based knowledge in the legal enterprise as part of the Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) element of the (SQE). Nevertheless, the range of conceivable responsibilities authorizes for a wide spectrum of interests, which includes working at a law firm, a charity, or a legal clinic, to name a few.

In regards to the SQE UK for further help & details regarding anything that concerns what is SQE exam or SQE assignment provider or SQE law exam or SQE qualification, you can visit & contact the ASG website. We are here to help &guide you in the right direction.

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