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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before using any of our assignment writing services. These terms and conditions are applicable to all the users and visitors who place orders with us.
Explanation of our terms:

Definitions- We, us, the website, AssignmentGlobal are some terms that are used to describe a website owner or developer.

Client(s), student(s), customer(s), you, are some terms that are being used to describe someone who is placing or has/had placed an order on the website and/or making a payment or had made the payment.

Professional writers, experts, academic writers are some terms that are used to describe the assignment writers whom companies hire to provide assignment help.

Mode of Communication- Mode of communication channels are live chat, emails, WhatsApp to provide uninterrupted communication between customers and expert or customer support systems.

Age Criteria- Minimum age to avail of our assignment writing services is over and above 10 years. Below 10 years of age, you cannot avail of our services.

Accessibility- Our website is fully secured, the website is not liable for any harm to your device that occurs while using the website or mobile app.

Applicability- Our assignment writing services are applicable to all students above 10 years of age. Our services are only available for educational purposes and not for any other commercial purposes.

Placing Order-
Orders are placed by filling out the Order form in the Application. Other than by request, no service is offered.

The scope of work, Order parameters, and delivery periods will all be specified on the Order form. When filling out our Order form, it is your own responsibility to supply exact, complete, and full information to each standard order form part.
You will be asked to fill out a registration form that includes your name, email address, country of residence, and phone number.

Please contact Customer Support if you have any problems throughout the account creation procedure. Furthermore, if any of your contact information changes over time, it is solely your obligation to update your profile.

Wallet- The wallet is the personal account of the student or customer that stores credit. Contributions to their personal balance are made at their discretion to help offset the cost of the order (s).

Rejection to Claims- Any communications sent through unofficial channels will be ignored and will be rejected without exception.

Revision & Amendment- A website has complete authority to alter, change, or amend any of its services and related policies as they see fit.

Severability- The validity of the remaining terms will not be affected if any of these conditions is deemed to be unenforceable in whole or in part.

Termination- The website has a complete right to terminate any writing service in whole or in part as per its choice.

Limitation on Use- By agreeing to all of the Terms and Conditions, you agree not to hold other Customers, the Company, its employees, shareholders, agents, officers, directors, representatives, promotion, advertisements, or any other third-party providers or information/data sources, as well as legal advisors, liable for any and all losses, damages, rights, actions, or claims of any kind that arise from or are related to our website services.

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We accept

Copyright © 2022 Assignment global. All rights reserved.
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Copyright © 2023 Assignment global. All rights reserved.