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Tips And Resources For TOEFL Preparation For Students

Non-native English speakers who want to study or work in English-speaking countries are encouraged to apply. Since many colleges in English-speaking nations need the TOEFL test, you may have met this requirement while applying to colleges in such countries.

What is the TOEFL exam, how should you prepare for and also how to attempt it? You have come to the correct spot if you have inquiries about this specific requirement in native English-speaking nations.

TOEFL Preparation Tips Prepared by Experts of Assignment Global

Make Use Of A Study Aid

Study guides are another excellent approach to preparing for the TOEFL. Every component of the test may be covered in depth by a decent TOEFL book that provides reliable guidance, practice problems, and examples of correct responses. Many excellent TOEFL study guides are available, but there are just as many bad ones.

Learn How To Take Excellent Notes

You only get one chance to listen to the audio snippets during the TOEFL exam. Your next step will include answering questions, speaking, or writing about what you have just heard. Taking notes is essential since you cannot rewind the audio.

English or your native tongue is both acceptable options for practicing note-taking. For the most part, you should combine the two approaches. Learning to take notes in real-time means, you will not miss a speaker’s words.

Try out various audio snippets of varying durations and degrees of complexity, and observe how accurate the notes are when you listen to the tape again. When it comes to your notes and handwriting, do not overlook even the little aspects, such as the arrangement and readability of your writing. As a TOEFL exam taker, you will benefit greatly if you can confidently take notes and capture all relevant material in real time.

Have A Goal In Mind For Your Grades

The minimum scores required for achieving certain objectives vary. To begin, choose the lowest possible score to get you to your desired outcome. The next step is to decide on a target score. You should aim for this score.

Post your minimum and ideal score on a paper or even a Post-it note and put it elsewhere. You will see it every day to remind you of your goals. You may hang it on the wall above your desk, fridge, or bathroom mirror. You will be encouraged to study each time you see the sheet of paper, which will be a constant motivation to do your best.

Make sure that your goal score is attainable. In other words, aim for a score you are certain you will get rather than one that is out of reach. If you want to be sure, you get the grade you want, you should take a practice exam to see where you are right now.

How many points are you required to add on to meet you are minimum or ideal scores? If the test is in six months, how much time do you have to study? Just how many hours a week do you have to devote to school? Your responses to these inquiries will aid you in determining what a reasonable ideal score is for your particular situation.

Get Practice Your English Language Skills Outside of The TOEFL

Not all of your preparation for the TOEFL has to be TOEFL-related. Ultimately, this is a real-world English exam, not simply a grammatical one. You will perform a lot of “passive learning” if exposed to ordinary English. Listening to music, reading books, viewing YouTube videos, and watching movies are good ways to get your mind working. You will have a good time while also picking up useful information. Contact our experts

The Section On Writing

Writing is the last portion of the TOEFL exam, which tests your ability to communicate in English. Coherent and clear thinking is required in the jobs. Writing in academic English may not be easy, but the key is being well prepared.

This phase will take 50 minutes to complete. This is a long duration and we can help you in utilizing it.

The first exercise, which has a time restriction of 20 minutes, incorporates both hearing and reading since you must respond in writing to the information provided.

You will be given a subject to write on, and you will be expected to express your thoughts and experiences in an essay. A 30-minute time restriction is in place.

The essay is entered via the use of a keyboard.

Since the essay exercise is considered the first draft, it is possible to get a high grade even if the essay contains minor grammatical mistakes.

You do not become an expert in a particular field to perform well in the TOEFL’s writing section, which measures your command of the English language. Contact us for all the TOEFL essay needs

There is no better place to prepare resources for this part than the official website. You will be able to work out a lot.

Look For A Mentor

To succeed in the TOEFL, students need a knowledgeable and trustworthy native English instructor. Your textbook will not be able to address all of your queries. Disgruntled people often give up. Having a confidante who can provide advice and moral support when you are feeling depressed is important.

Students who have taken the exam previously may be able to assist you in studying for it without costing you anything extra. You may be able to benefit from the advice of other students when it comes to grammatical issues.

Arrive Ready

Arriving at the exam center with everything you need will put you at ease and help you focus. When you are tense, your memory is not as sharp as it normally is. The location of the testing center and the parking lot must be known in advance.

Make sure you have the right quantity of parking money with you. A lot of pencils, a sharpener, and a few smudge-proof erasers are essential if you are taking a paper-based exam. Your photo ID must seem legitimate. If you have had issues with your ID in the past, bring a copy of your picture ID with you.

Organize A Daily Study Schedule

You will save a lot of time and accomplish a lot more if you create a timetable and adhere to it. Instead of delaying for five hours, study in one or two. Just an hour or so of fine-tuning your abilities might be all needed in the last week before your test.


At Assignment Global, we have a huge team of Subject Matter Experts who are all highly certified and experienced. Our specialists are all TOEFL-certified and have years of experience preparing students for the exam. For the last five years, we have had a team of TOEFL trend analysts & curriculum researchers monitoring the latest changes. They are always looking for new question types, hot themes, and test formats.

Additionally, our specialists pay particular attention to test-taking tactics for the listening sections. In addition, they keep track of the numerous writing exam themes to compile a comprehensive report on the current trends. It helps students have a clear picture of what to anticipate when it comes to writing questions.

Assignment Global also provides online TOEFL in the United States, such as online tuition and digital mock exams.

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