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The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a worldwide recognized test that assesses candidates’ English communication abilities who wish to move, work, or study overseas. Getting a decent score on your IELTS exam is critical to your success. IELTS tests are divided into two categories:

1. Academic IELTS

This exam is undertaken by aspirants or professionals who plan to settle in a nation where English is the main language of communication, and it assesses their knowledge of the course or job they are enrolling for.

2. General Training Test for IELTS

Professionals or migrants who wish to relocate permanently to a nation where English is the primary language of communication take this test. This exam measures their ability to communicate in English in ordinary situations. If you wish to move to the United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia, you must have a high score. Applicants select the type of exam based on their intended goal.

Importance of scoring well

If you are attempting to take the IELTS exam as part of your PR visa application, you must obtain the appropriate score for the nation you sought. For example, to be qualified to apply for Canada PR, you must have a score of at least 6 bands.

Points will be added to your profile based on your score. If you took the IELTS exam to study abroad, you should obtain the bare minimum score required by the nation or university to which you are applying. To be eligible to apply for a course, most colleges need a minimum score of 6 to 6.5.

It is preferable to take online IELTS exam help- service before taking the IELTS exam to achieve a high score. Choose an extensive online IELTS training program that can help you obtain your best score. Choose the IELTS exam help service that provides professional and qualified teachers, tried-and-true teaching approaches, and current content. This will guarantee that you are adequately prepared for the exam and that you have mastered the language.

A comprehensive IELTS exam help service will not only equip you with the necessary materials and training to perform well in your tests but will also allow you to practice by taking mock tests under the supervision of a coach who will not only guide you but will also provide you with some tips and tricks to perform well in all sections of the test.

Some general tips to get a good score are:

  • Begin your preparation early, be regular, and review your progress often.
  • Practice effectively for all four aspects of the test-listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • After your IELTS preparation, begin practicing for the exam by answering full-length exams under test settings.
  • Attempt to write as many of these mock examinations as possible weeks before your big exam so that you are adequately prepared.
Tips to follow when doing these mock tests
  • Double-check and verify your responses
  • Proofread your writing assignments
  • Allow adequate time for review, particularly in the reading and writing areas.

Our Services

We instruct students seeking IELTS exam help service on the four modules of the exam on which the candidate is scored independently – Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. Our skilled trainers assist students in overcoming their exam apprehension by preparing them for every area of the exam. They also offer helpful ideas and advice to assist students in achieving not just a strong band score but also an amazing overall score. Furthermore, students have the option of borrowing books and reference materials from the library, which saves them money because they do not need to purchase any additional materials. Our IELTS lessons include instruction, practice examinations, and question and answer sessions. As a result, we make every effort to guarantee that your exam preparation is comprehensive and complete.

Our Approach

We conduct sessions for students at our IELTS exam help service where we coach them through each area of the IELTS – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. By doing so, we assist students in navigating the maze and instill confidence in them to succeed on the test. Students are given the necessary materials and have the option of borrowing books from the library as needed. This leads to significant cost savings for aspirants because they will not need to acquire any additional materials. Furthermore, to solve specific challenges encountered by test takers, We provide individual doubt resolution sessions, as well as an examination of spoken audio replies and essays, to maximize a student’s skill set. Furthermore, the IELTS exam help service assists students in selecting the five colleges where they may send their IELTS results for free, which might result in savings for students.

Best IELTS Exam Help Service

Assignment Global is a premier supplier of immigration, migration, implementation services, and  IELTS tutoring services. Our IELTS Exam Help Service team has the best coaching experience and has been tutoring English Language Tests for over ten years. We provide online and offline tuition for IELTS. We assisted over a thousand hopefuls in achieving their desired marks.

Facilities We Provide

•         We offer Group training and Personal Coaching

•         Weekend batches are also available.

•         After scheduling an exam date, students will get additional support to                     answer questions.

•         There are weekly full-length tests and separate section tests.

•         A trusted resource provides free material.

IELTS Students get examined in the following ways

The IELTS test assesses listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills in three hours. The Listening, Reading, and Writing modules of all IELTS tests are administered at the same time. The speaking module is held 7 days before or after the other courses. The exam center where you booked will keep you updated. The entire test is completed in 2 hours and 45 minutes.

IELTS Listening format:

You will receive 40 questions, each of which has four parts, and you will be required to compose your response in the order of the questions. The Reading module questions in IELTS Academic will be different from those in IELTS General Training examinations.

• Part 1: A conversation between two persons about a real-life neighborhood situation.

• Part 2: A single speaker on a real-life community situation. For example, a domestic amenities audio.

• Part 3: A discussion among four people about an academic or teaching topic. For instance, a college lecturer and an applicant discuss a project.

• Part 4: A single speaker discusses an educational topic. Consider a collegiate research project.

IELTS Reading format

You will get 40 questions, each of which has three descriptive sections, and you will be required to compose responses in the order of the questions. The Reading module questions in IELTS Academic are different from those in IELTS General Training examinations. Fill in the gaps, Match the following, Complete the sentences, Answer brief questions, and Multiple Choice Questions are among the question categories. Each question has a mark. A negative mark is not applicable.

IELTS General/Academic Writing format

Academic Writing

Topics are appropriate for exam takers pursuing graduate degrees or professional certifications. There are two assignments:

•         Task 1 – The test taker receives a graph, map, picture, flow chart, or table along with some crucial information.

•         Task 2 – The test taker will be required to compose an essay on a certain topic. You must present a logical and cohesive response with some essay-style structure so that phrases are constructed structurally.

IELTS Speaking format

The speaking test will be held on a separate day. For around 11 to 14 minutes, an examiner (Local/Foreigner) will conduct the test taker’s speaking. The entire examination will be audio recorded, beginning with the test taker’s entry into the exam room. It is divided into three parts:

•         Part 1 – The examiner will explain the test to you. Then he will affirm that the exam will begin. Part 1 will consist of him asking you general questions about yourself, family, studies, transportation, location, favorite things, and so on. Only one or two-line responses are permitted. This segment lasts four to five minutes.

•         Part 2 – You will be handed a card with a specific topic on it. Before you begin, you will have one minute to prepare.

  • Part 3 – You will be given more questions based on the topic hint card from Part 2. You must respond to each question with a concise explanation and an example. This section of the test lasts four to five minutes.

Marking and assessment

Certified IELTS examiners approved by British or IDP councils conduct speaking examinations. They have extensive knowledge in this industry and are expected to give objective results per the council’s standards.

Basic criteria for Speaking Assessment:

  • Fluency: It refers to test takers’ natural quickness. There should be no needless gaps between sentences. There should be no hesitation, fumbling, or humming in the discourse.
  • Coherence: Examinees should respond in a structured manner. It should follow the logical flow of the question. There should be clear marking and halting at particular arguments.
  • Pronunciation: The test taker’s voice should have a strong punch with the natural pronunciation of each word stated. It should have distinct intonations, with adequate stopping between connectors and full stops.
  • Lexical range: Test takers should utilize each vocabulary without much repetition. These criteria are concerned with the vocabulary employed and the clarity with which concepts and attitudes may be articulated. For example, environment-atmosphere-climate.

•         Grammatical variety and accuracy: Test takers should employ a wide range of grammar, including complicated and compound sentences. The correctness of the grammar utilized is also assessed. The frequency of grammatical faults in a given length of speech and the communicative consequence of error are the fundamental measures of grammatical correctness.

Importance of IELTS

Obtaining admission to an overseas university

IELTS certification validates your English language proficiency. It allows you to apply to study at a foreign university. IELTS scores are commonly accepted by international colleges, while the standards differ based on the country and university.

Global Recognition

IELTS is accepted as credible proof of English language competency by over 10,000 colleges in over 140 countries worldwide. It serves the goal of education, migration, and skilled programs.

 Exam center accessibility

There are over 1000 IELTS test centers worldwide. The results get declared on the 13th day of your taken exam. It also allows you to transmit score reports directly to the relevant Immigration department with the approval of the test takers, which speeds up the visa procedure.

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