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LNAT EXAM Help Services. To assist in a difficult test which prefers testing simply thinking skills over conceptual memory.

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Everything to Know About the LNAT Exam

The LNAT exam is a prominent exam that students undertake to get into the best universities like the University of Oxford, the University of Glasgow, and the University of Nottingham; amongst other very prestigious universities to study law. 

The LNAT exam is an aptitude test for people who want to go into the field of law. The full form of LNAT is the Law National Aptitude Test. As LNAT exam is mainly an aptitude test, as the name suggests, and does not focus as much on the basic and general knowledge of the law as it does on assessing and analytical skills.

What is LNAT Test?

The LNAT test can be quite a difficult test to clear as it does not test memory but simply thinking skills. The LNAT test is primarily a computer-based exam that tests comprehensive and general reasoning skills.

The LNAT test takes place in 2 hours and 15 minutes and is taken in two sections. The first section consists of 42 multiple-choice questions, and the second section has an essay-based question.

There are 11 universities, along with two foreign universities, that accept the LNAT test score as valid and put weightage on the LNAT exam.

All universities put up their closing dates online, so you must keep checking the date and take the test before the deadline is reached.

How to Register for the LNAT Exam

Registering for the LNAT exam is not a difficult task to accomplish. It is merely a two-step process. The first step includes the LNAT booking process, which can be easily done through their official website. Through the LNAT booking, an account is made to register which is furthered by deciding the time and date of the exam.

LNAT Booking

The universities update their portal with the LNAT booking pretty early in the year. It is advisable to keep checking the portal for any kind of new information on the registration date, LNAT booking date, or exam date itself.

Once you register for the law exam, LNAT booking helps you decide the day you would like to appear for the exam, which is entirely based on the personal preferences of a person.

If one has earlier access to LNAT booking, then one will have more options regarding the time and venue of the exam. Once the venue is decided, one can easily appear for the exam at their preferred time.

How much Does One have to Pay to Appear for the LNAT EXAM?

Since the exam is one of the most prestigious exams in the United Kingdom, it is only reasonable that the people filling out the form and appearing for the exam in the UK have to pay slightly less than the people who appear for it outside.

The cost of the form for people in the UK is £50, but anywhere outside, the LNAT exam is going to cost £70.

The LNAT exam does take students who can’t afford these forms into consideration and provides a way for them to get a fair chance. They can apply for an LNAT bursary that will cover the cost of the exam. There are certain conditions that a student has to meet to apply for the bursary, but once all the criteria are met, they will easily be able to appear for the exam

What Does the LNAT Exam Test?

The LNAT exam tests the analytical skills of the students at various levels based on various methods of deduction and reasoning. They check verbal and deductive reasoning along with interpretative skills.

There are seven categories that the paper mainly focuses on, and the questions are mostly based on topics from those categories. The categories are ethics, law, education, philosophy, media, politics, and science. The LNAT exam will derive questions from the given categories, but they do not give technical or factual questions. They always form questions that will test the above-mentioned skill set of the students.

LNAT Practice Paper

Like every other examination, the LNAT exam also needs preparation. Since these exams take place on a global scale, the level of preparation also needs to be higher. Multiple sources can provide help. The official site of the LNAT exam will probably be the best help to prepare for the exam. There are sample LNAT practice test papers that can be made available on demand. They can prove very advantageous for getting the gist of the paper.

Since the entire exam is aptitude based, it is better to practice on papers that have questions on logical reasoning or simple essay-based questions. Any paper can be considered an LNAT practice paper as long as it tests the analytical and comprehensive skills of the students.

It is recommended to practice on as many papers as one can sense the aptitude test cannot be limited to any one set of questions. So here, the practice would quite literally make the person perfect.

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Where can one appear for the LNAT Exam?

The LNAT exam has many allotted centers all around the world since the exam takes place globally and students from everywhere apply and appear for it. There are more than 500 centers, out of which 150 centers are in the United Kingdom itself.

There are certain things you need to take care of on the day of the exam before reaching the center. No matter which center you fill the form for, all centers will require you to carry an ID proof and a printout of the confirmation email that has the details of your exam center as well as the specified date of the examination

How are the LNAT Exams Results Declared?

The LNAT exam results can take more time to reach you than they take to reach the universities. So the universities have early access to the LNAT score and they can use it to schedule an interview with you or however they decide to proceed with it.

The scoring of the LNAT exam is done in points. You can score very high or very low points, but there is no one to declare whether you have passed or failed. This implies that there is no way that you can fail this LNAT exam. Whatever your LNAT score is, you can have a fair shot at the university. The universities each have their cut-off, based on which they will decide whether or not to go ahead with the process.

Final Words

The LNAT exam can be quite a difficult test to pass as people from all over the world compete at the same level and for the same seats. But with the right amount of practice for the LNAT exam through the LNAT practice papers, it might not seem difficult for students who study for them sincerely.

All the exams are equally difficult, but the good thing is that this exam does not necessarily test factual and technical questions but focuses more on reasoning questions, which can be advantageous for students of all fields. We at Assignment Global have information, knowledge, and experience to assist you in entering prestigious universities through LNAT Exam UK.

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We will be privileged to clear your questions and doubts regarding our services.
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