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Exam Pattern Change of Victorian Institute of Technology, Australia

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Exam Pattern Change of Victorian Institute of Technology

Latest Exam Pattern of Victorian Institute of Technology, Australia. Why you should not worry?

Once again it’s exam atmosphere everywhere in Australia and the students too must be in the same mode, some students might be enthusiastic & many may be nervous.

It is that time of the year when the university conducts the final assessment examination to examine students’ course knowledge and understanding. However, the Victorian Institute of Technology students are experiencing more than this.

If you are a student of the reputed Victorian Institute of Technology, Australia then you must be aware that the new exam pattern initiated by the university, effective from 26th May 2022 & will be followed even after completion of online exams in June 2022.

Every university has its own set of guidelines and standards which they follow to conduct their examinations. Similarly, the Victorian Institute of Technology has its own pattern to regulate the same. Recently, the university has made certain amendments to their online examination pattern, which you must know.

In the upcoming section, we will be stating the general guidelines and the new exam pattern of the Victorian Institute of Technology 2022 which you should know beforehand so that you can make necessary arrangements before your examination

General Guidelines for Students

  • A student must be online at least 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the final examination/assessment.
  • Students shall complete the end of semester feedback at least before 30 minutes of the examination.
  • Students must verify their identity using Proctor track by 18 May 2022. If you face any issue regarding the same, you should contact the university support team for help. 
  • We hope you have verified your identity if you are appearing for May-June 2022 examination
  • Keep your student ID or any other photo identity document handy to verify yourself. Also, make sure that the camera is on your computer or laptop to enable exam proctoring.
  • If you don’t have a computer or laptop to attempt your online exam, then the university allows you to take your exam at the university campus (Level 6, 235 Queens Street, Melbourne/ Level 5, 333 Kent Street Campus, Sydney)
  • The university has made it mandatory for everyone to verify their identity to sit for the examination. Any student who has not confirmed their identity, will not be allowed to give their exam. 

New Exam Guidelines of Victorian Institute of Technology

Below is some exam information for students at- the Victorian Institute of Technology which will help them to successfully complete their online proctored exam.

General guidelines are the same, but there are certain changes in the exam pattern that the university has made.

New Exam Pattern of Victorian Institute of Technology 2022 includes: 

  • Students are asked to complete their entire final assessment on Moodle and are not allowed to download and submit it individually.
  • Now, students can only upload files for the questions that require answers in figures. Files must be in PDF or JPEG format only.

Note – In the proctored online exam you can only move to the next question once you have attempted the previous question. And will not be able to return to the previous question. So, attempt your questions properly before moving to the next.

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