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MBA MAC003 Management Accounting
Subject Name – Management Accounting
Subject Code – MAC003
University Name – Universal Business School, Syd
MAC003 Management Accounting is a core subject for the students pursuing an MBA degree from Universal Business School, Sydney. The primary goal of this subject is to use accounting/financial data for planning and control. The curriculum emphasises essential concepts and procedures in management accounting, as well as how to apply these concepts and approaches to short-term/tactical decision-making.

What is Management Accounting?

Yes, we know you just want to gulp down the necessary information that suits you. But, as a proper blog would do, we will start with the basic information.
First things first- if you are reading this line, either you are planning to take this course, or you are seeking exam help.

We Can Help You Both Ways.

Preparing and presenting accounting information is crucial to assisting a firm’s management. This process aids in designing policies, planning, and controlling the operations of the undertaking. This is management accounting.

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It seems simple, right? Well, it’s not that simple.

Another name for this managerial accounting. The main purpose of an individual in this field is- to identify what is lacking, measure the determinants, analyse the situation, and interpret it as per company guidelines. The final process of communicating this information to managers is called management accounting.

Managerial accounting individuals produce dedicated reports to serve the needs of decision-makers. Past and present functions are reported bit-by-bit to the managers. This helps the company make wholesome decisions to reach its destined aim.

The Field of MBA MAC003 Management Accounting and its Features

Using information regarding the cost of products or services purchased by the company, this is one of the major pieces of information. This is specifically analysed by the individual in charge of managerial accounting, and then it is further conveyed to the managers.

Budgets are the core of operational planning. The monthly budgets or the yearly ones result in efficient decision making by a company. Management accountants use performance reports to notice the difference between the granted budget and the results achieved.


The Astrologer

The heading seems weird, right? But it is a term that a layman uses when he wants to address an individual who can see the future. Does it mean that management accountants can forecast the future? Yes, they can.

The management accounting executives help answer the question- “Whether the company should invest more in equipment or human resources?”


Outsourcing or Making?

When a product is manufactured. There are 2 types of costs to be considered- Input costs and output costs. Management accounting’s insights on cost and production availability work as a maker or breaker of the decision, “whether to make or purchase?’.


The MOM of the Organisation

Your mom is responsible for handing out pocket money to you. How much can the members afford to spend? What is the weekly budget? These divine humans also forecast whether the family can sustain itself for the next month with a limited amount of money or not.

Similarly, estimating cash flows and the impact of cash flows on the business is essential. Considering a number of factors like- the costs that company will incur in the near future, from where enough revenue can be generated, etc. All these questions help in making sure that the company doesn't reach the stage of bankruptcy.


Dealing with Performance Variation

One can never be sure whether the efforts will reap the desired results or not. Performance discrepancies are part and parcel of the journey. Using analytical techniques, management accounting help can build on positive variances and manage the negative ones.


What’s the ROI?

This is the foremost question that an executive in managerial accounting can ask, to know whether to invest in the project or not. If the company is presented with 2 investment opportunities-

How does a business choose the most profitable business opportunity?

What are the cash flows estimated to be?

Will the company reach the 5 year goal in terms of revenue if it takes on this project?


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What Is The Difference Between Australia's Cma And The Usa's Cma?

Whenever it comes to becoming an accountant or pursuing a profession in financial planning, most individuals wonder which certification to pursue.
There is another qualification of the same stature, i.e., CMA Australia vs. CMA USA.

CMA Australia- An insight

CMA Australia is the ICMA’s (Institute of Certified Management Accountants, Australia) flagship programme. After the completion of the course- students are bound to develop advanced analytical, evaluative, and comprehension skills. The programme is exclusively open to graduate or associate members of the institute and student members who have completed the programme’s prerequisite admission requirements.


Would following all the information mentioned above, help you score better in the MBA MAC003 Management Accounting course? Partly yes, partly no. You would require high expertise to make sense of the complex topics, as we have mentioned above.

If we have to simplify the definition, then that means that the entire company is running because of your analysis. Now, can you take on that much responsibility?

We can help you through the process. All you have to do is register for the session!

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