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SIT740 Research Development In It

Subject Code – SIT740
Subject Name – Research & Development in Information Technology
University Name – Deakin University, Victoria, Australia 

Research & Development in Information Technology

The purpose of this subject is to provide students with a basic introduction to the process, issues, and trends in IT Research and Development. The subject also includes case studies
In the fields such as the Internet of Things, Intelligent Transportation Systems, and AI and Robotics. From conception to deployment, students will master IT R&D methodology and problem-solving procedures, as well as critically examine digital ethics to comprehend the ethical concerns that IT R&D might pose.

Students generally come with the query on R&D and NDA.
Research & Development is the method by which a firm seeks out fresh information that it can utilize to develop new technologies, goods, services, or systems. Sometimes the firm conduct R&D for their usage and sometimes they conduct it to outsource to others’ benefit. The most common goal is to improve the company’s bottom line.

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). It is also known as a confidentiality agreement.
It is a legal contract in which one party agrees to provide confidential information about its business or products to a second party, and the second party agrees not to share that information with anyone else for a certain period. NDAs are intended to protect sensitive information and intellectual property (IP) by specifying what information must be kept private and what information can be shared or published to the public.

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Deakin University, Victoria, Australia

Deakin University is a public university in Australia, welcoming four campuses located in the state of Victoria of which, Melbourne’s Burwood suburb, Geelong Waurn Ponds, Geelong Waterfront, and Warrnambool, as well as the online Cloud Campus. The faculty of the university offers hundreds of courses, including 106 undergraduate courses, 171 post-graduate courses, and 43 research degrees. Humanities, Social Science, Business, Law, Medicine, Psychology, Information Technology, Environmental Sciences, etc are offered at the university.


Assessment Details

Learning Outcomes:

Research a wide range of R&D methodologies and processes. Apply those processes to solve problems.
Evaluate goods, services, and solutions, and make R&D process changes based on evidence.
Experiment with new technologies in a certain IT industry to see what they can do and come up with solutions to real-world challenges.
Create technical solutions that meet requirements, functional and non-functional restrictions, and persuade stakeholders of the solution’s benefits.


Understand how to communicate R&D outcomes in IT
In this task, students will investigate various forms of communication of findings from research and development in the information technology discipline.


1. Discuss the roles and differences of the following forms of communication (450- 600

Peer-reviewed journals and conference publications


Research repository

2. Research metrics are important in measuring the impact of the research work that you
communicate to the research community. A range of research metrics are used to assess
the performance of publication and also author level. List and explain three typical metrics
such as the h-index that we use to assess the quality of scientific or technical works (250 – 300 words).

Identifying Requirements and Modellings
Identifying the requirements and modeling are two essential steps that we need to follow in any research and development work. In this task, students will investigate requirements and modelings from the case study presented in the following article on drones for
commercial package delivery:
Energy use and life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of drones for commercial package delivery


In this article, various requirements and modeling’s are used to understand energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by drones for commercial package delivery. Please read the article and identify the following:

Considered requirements and their rationales

Used methods, models, and their roles

Performance measures

Findings based on evaluation results

Summaries your analysis by using the above-mentioned bullet points as subtopics and submit your answer to On Track (500 to 600 words).

Developing a Non-Disclosure Agreement
This task is designed to help you understand and develop a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
When you are working in R&D, at some point you would need to share your novel ideas with interested stakeholders in order to receive support/feedback and perhaps attract funding. Non-disclosure agreements will come in handy to prevent your ideas from being stolen.


You are required to submit one file as part of this task.
1. Discuss the outcome of your research on non-disclosure agreements (100- 150 words).
2. Briefly explain (100-150 words) the idea/application that you devise related to AI and why you would like to use an NDA and in which situations.
3. Generate an NDA for the sample idea that you have come up with. You can refer

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