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Recently Updated on December 29, 2023

Business Process Modelling and Management MITS5507

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Business Process Modelling and Management MITS5507
Business Process Modelling and Management MITS5507
Subject Code – MITS5507
Subject Name – Business Process Modelling and Management
University Name – Victorian Institute of Technology, Australia

What is the MITS5507 Business Process Modelling and Management course?

The name signifies what the course holds. Modelling or optimising business processes is what is taught in this course. The workflow of the concerned organisations is optimised by creating data-driven visual presentations.

Most enterprises working in the digital market have an idea of what business processes drive their daily operations. But business process modelling comes into the picture to ensure that these processes drive optimal outcomes.

The role of business analysts is to gain end-to-end views of the business process lifecycle through business process modelling. Business process modelling is handy for analysing research and development investments, resolving IT issues, or even creating highly accurate lead qualification workflows.

Automation of processes, surfacing key metrics, pointing out potential problems, and documenting workflows are advantages of business process modelling.

This blog will give you insights into what the MITS5507 Course of Business Process Modelling and Management entails.

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What is business process modelling?

If we are to gather the information and let you know what precisely the role of business process modelling is, then follow this list:

Designing success and failure rates for processes

Documenting events and activities that occur within a workflow

Optimising the timelines of the overall strategy and each step in the process

Monitoring business processes

These process models are not made manually but produced by data-mining algorithms. These algorithms use the data contained within event logs to construct workflow models.

The objective view of workflows is because process models are entirely based on quantitative data. For example, business process modelling will help determine why customers are not registering and are just using the free services. Is it because of the lengthy registration process or too much personal information?

Hence, there will be better and more traffic on the website if the problem identified by business process modelling is solved.

Business Process Modelling and Management, MITS 5507, is an exciting subject that attracts several students because it is career-oriented.

However, various job opportunities are available for you after completing this unit. You can look for job positions as a business analyst, project manager, merchandise manager, system developer, QA professional, etc.

The subject introduces students beginning their professional careers in information technology and systems to basic business process modelling techniques.

Due to specific complex topics included in the subject, students sometimes found it complicated and challenging. They also need help understanding the issues and seeking professional support and guidance during their online exam.

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These four functions are accomplished by implementing the process of business modelling.

Key components of business process modelling include:

1. Process modelling: flowcharts, swimlane diagrams, and process maps are used in BPM to create visual representations. These visual representations clearly understand how different activities and tasks within a process are carried out.

2. Analysis: After modelling the process, analysing the obtained data is crucial. Only after competent research can some observations be made. Through this process of analysis, organisations can make informed decisions.

3. Process Automation: Automation is deeply embedded in business process modelling. Automating repetitive and manual tasks using technology is the essence of this step. That aids in eliminating the chance of human errors, speed up the process and guarantees good consistency.

4. Process Monitoring: The smooth and consistent running of processes involves constant monitoring. This monitoring happens by predefined performance metrics.

5. Optimisation: Based on all the data obtained, optimising the business processes to yield better results is the ultimate goal. Process optimisation includes redesigning workflows, reallocating resources, and implementing new technologies for the desired results.

How do I prepare for the exam?

Various subjects included under this course, MITS5507, Business Process Modelling and Management, are mentioned below:

Framework and critical concepts (customer and business value, business functions and processes, three layers of analysis)

BPMN and business process mapping (business process modelling notation, relationships and dependency, conditional cracking, workflow patterns)

Deconstructing work activities (the 7 W’s, BPMN procedure diagrams, activity granularity)

Measures, metrics, and indicators (benchmarks and metrics, dealing with KPIs)

Analysing business processes (pain point gap analysis, KPI gap analysis, root cause analysis)

Practical guidance and other factors

Be it the framework or critical concepts, only practice will help you sail through this course. In-class assignments or homework assignments, we can help you with that. But you will need conceptual clarity when yelling out all the information in the exam hall.

You can contact our professionals at Assignment Global to help you achieve conceptual clarity. Be it business functions and processes, three-layer analysis, BPMN procedure diagrams, and whatnot, we have got you covered at every step of the way.


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