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What is a CDR Report?

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What Is A CDR Report?

What is a CDR Report?

CDR Report ( Competency Demonstration Report) is a skill assessment report or document which demonstrates the skills and knowledge of a person who has acquired Engineering knowledge and understanding through education or on-the-job training. If you are an Engineer and want to settle in Australia and continue a job there, you have to prepare a CDR report giving a declaration about your graduate competencies.

CDR is an essential document for engineers in Australia to kick start their bright careers ahead. Get an expert to write well formatted CDR report services for you.

What is CDR Assessment?

Before moving ahead with writing your CDR report, you must know and understand the three main elements of CDR assessment i.e Summary Statement, Three career episodes, and Continuous professional development list.

Continuous Professional Development

CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development Report. It is required by Engineers Australia for the migration skills assessment. The main purpose of CPD is to ensure that an engineer maintains current knowledge or updates on engineering trends. The title, date, duration, and location of the training are all provided by CPD. Continuing Professional Lists do not need to be longer than one A4 page. CPD activities are intended to refresh or expand your knowledge and abilities, allowing you to maintain technical competence, deal effectively with change, and better serve your community. Your networks and contacts will develop as a result of your participation in CPD events.

CPD list format

Three career episodes
Write three career episodes minimum. Each episode should highlight the different aspects of your Engineer career. Each career episode should be 1,500 to 2,500 words long and should talk about any engineering issues you encountered and solved.

Summary Statement includes the cross-references of all career episodes. The summary statement is written for all the episodes.

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How do I write a CDR report?

It is very important to write a well-structured CDR report. There are chances that your CDR report may get rejected by Engineers Australia at the time of migration.

Tips for writing a successful CDR report:

Strictly adhere to the guidelines issued by Engineers Australia while crafting your CDR report.
Draft proper presentation of career episodes, summary statements, and CPD.
Choose the career episodes wisely that clearly demonstrates your skills and abilities.
Each career episode should be clear and share the required details.
It is recommended that the CDR Report be written in Australian English. As a result, ensure that the spelling, syntax, and writing style are similar to those used in Australia. If you’re creating Career Episodes in a language other than English, don’t forget to include a translation.
Include relevant data and information to support your technical skills.
Your content should be original. Avoid plagiarism and duplicate content.
Mention all the required details in your resume.

We have professional engineers in our team who can prepare plagiarism-free CDR services for you on time.


How does CDR work?

CDR is a combination of documents that represent your acquired skills and knowledge. This is the document that is assessed before granting your migration visa by Engineers Australia ( the assigned surveying expert for designing occupations).
If you want to work in Australia, you will need to submit a CDR report to start your career in Australia. The CDR for Australia allows you to demonstrate that your engineering knowledge and skills meet Australian standards.

Who’s needs a CDR?

Engineers who have completed their education and wish to work in Australia, require a CDR report to showcase their abilities and educational background for obtaining a migration visa.
If you are an engineer from India, Pakistan, Srilanka, etc then, you need to submit a CDR report to get a migration visa.

Need a CDR report?

There are visa aspirants who need a CDR report and can contact us. We have proficient writers in our team who can prepare an error-free CDR report for you that highlights you as a perfect engineering candidate in front of Engineers Australia.

Why Us?

Are you looking for professional help with the CDR report? If yes, then you are in the right place. We have a team of experienced professionals who guarantee high-quality CDR writing services and positive skills assessment from Engineers Australia.

We understand how much importance a CDR Report holds for a person who wishes to migrate to Australia to pursue their career. That is why we offer a complete package for you to assist you with everything which includes CDR report writing, career episodes, and summary statement writing in a way that leaves a good impression on Engineers Australia.

Many aspirants don’t know how to add value to their projects while writing a CDR report, which is one of the main reasons for their rejection by Engineers Australia. Our experts draft your report in such a way that it clearly and properly presents your value addition and work experience, representing you as a perfect aspirant.

Our proficient CDR writing experts provide not only value-adding & plagiarism-free CDR reports but also a properly formatted resume, career summary & CPD (Continuing Professional Summary), services to support your application. Our writers meet all the required guidelines and prepare the report in proper structure and format.

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