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Toefl Preparation And Speaking Practice Guidance

How to do your TOEFL Preparation and Speaking practise in 2022

TOEFL preparation is one of the most important steps in your TOEFL journey. If you have done well in your TOEFL preparation, it will be easier to get a good score on the examination. The best way to prepare for the TOEFL is by practising as much as possible and not ignoring contemporary speaking practise.


The TOEFL is a test of English language proficiency. Numerous universities, colleges, and graduate programmes both domestically and abroad accept it.

The TOEFL is a standardised test that measures a person’s ability to understand, use, and express information in English under test conditions. The test is administered in more than 200 locations worldwide, including more than 100 sites in the United States. The test is administered on paper or in a computer-based format, depending on your preference.

Let us know about the test before doing our TOEFL preparation

The TOEFL is one of the most popular exams for international students and foreign workers. It’s a test that measures your English language proficiency and gives you an idea of how you’ll do in your chosen field.

The TOEFL test is a computer-based test that measures the English language proficiency of non-native speakers of English. It is an accepted credential for admission to U.S. colleges and universities when taken after high school graduation as a requirement for such admission.

The TOEFL is offered four times annually: June, September, November, and February (the dates are not fixed in stone). Every year, more than 2 million test takers from more than 150 countries take the TOEFL.

This test consists of three parts: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and speaking (called integrated tasks). There are five separate screening tests: Listening Comprehension (LC), Reading Comprehension (RC), Speaking (SP), Writing Skills (WS), and Integrated Tasks (IT).

Each part takes about three hours or more to complete. You’ll need to take each section separately, but they can be taken at the same time if you prefer.
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How to Prepare for TOEFL?

There are several ways to prepare for the TOEFL. For example, you can take classes at local universities or colleges, attend workshops and seminars, read books about verbal skills and listening comprehension, visit websites that offer free practise tests, receive preparation from our experts, and more.

The first step is choosing an appropriate book for your level of English language proficiency. To determine this level of English proficiency, you need to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). This test will help you find out how much time it will take you to achieve your goal and then choose the right book according to these results.

Toeflbooks provides detailed information about each book as well as its price at so that you can make an informed decision before buying one of these books. The best way to do this is with a good study guidebook that will help you understand the concepts involved in each section so that you can answer questions correctly on the actual exam itself.

Some methods for TOEFL preparation include

1. Attend in-person classes or workshops focusing on speaking, vocabulary, or grammar; or
2. To practice speaking English and learn more about how the language functions, use online tools like EnglishPod101 or Duolingo.

Some people choose to study with a tutor or enrol in an online course because they want more personalised attention than they can get by studying independently.

How should you take up TOEFL Speaking Practice?

Despite being the shortest component of the TOEFL, TOEFL Speaking Practise should not be taken lightly. The secret to performing well in the speaking session is to do TOEFL speaking practise consistently with a microphone.

A step-by-step guide for TOFEL: Format and Changes

Familiarise yourself with the TOEFL format and any updates for 2022. Understand the test sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. Being aware of any changes will ensure you're prepared for the latest test structure.


Use Official TOEFL Resources

Rely on official TOEFL resources for accurate and up-to-date materials. The TOEFL website provides sample questions, practise tests, and guides that reflect the actual exam content and format.


Set a Study Schedule

Create a study plan that suits your schedule and commitments. Consistency is key, so allocate dedicated time each day for practise. Balancing different sections of the test will ensure holistic preparation.


Embrace Technology to Practise

Leverage online platforms and apps designed specifically for TOEFL preparation. These resources offer interactive exercises, practise tests, and instant feedback to enhance your skills.


Focus on Speaking Practice

The Speaking section requires fluency, clarity, and coherence. Engage in daily conversations in English, either with native speakers or fellow learners, to improve your speaking skills and boost your confidence.


Record and Self-Evaluate

Record yourself speaking on various topics. Listen to your recordings to identify areas for improvement, such as pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary usage. Self-evaluation is a powerful learning tool.


Practise Task Familiarity

Understand the types of tasks you'll encounter in the Speaking section. Practise integrated and independent tasks, such as summarising a reading passage or expressing your opinion on a given topic.


Expand Your Vocabulary

Enrich your vocabulary by reading a variety of materials, from news articles to academic papers. Make a habit of jotting down new words and using them in your conversations and writing.


Utilise Peer Feedback

Engage in speaking practise sessions with fellow TOEFL aspirants. Provide constructive feedback to each other on areas that need improvement. Peer evaluations can offer fresh insights.


Simulate Real Exam Conditions

As you progress, simulate exam conditions for practise tests. Time yourself, adhere to the official time limits and recreate a quiet environment to mimic the actual test setting.

Make a point of recording your TOEFL speaking practise sessions and listening to them afterwards. This can help you identify areas where you are behind, such as grammar, vocabulary, repetitions, and so on, as well as if you can complete each topic within the time allotted. It is also a good idea to practise your TOEFL speaking skills with a buddy to gain feedback.


Improve your listening abilities by listening to English from various sources. Listening to English radio channels, seeing Hollywood movies, and watching news networks will substantially assist you in enhancing your comprehension and knowledge of the spoken word. Last but not least, do not overwork yourself to develop an artificial accent; instead, speak chaste English with good pronunciation, which will go a long way in your TOEFL preparation.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that Assignment Global offers excellent TOEFL study materials that support your TOEFL speaking practise and give you a greater chance to score better in TOEFL

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