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Big Data MITS6005 Exam Help

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Big Data MITS6005 Exam Help

Get Big Data MITS6005 Exam Help by Experts
Subject Code – MITS6005
Subject Name – Big Data
University Name – Victorian Institute of Technology, Australia

Big Data MITS6005 is a core unit taught to students enrolled in the Master of Information Technology and System degree at one of the most prestigious institutes in Australia, the Victorian Institute of Technology.

The unit will teach the students the basic concepts and terminologies of big data and its real-life applications. In this unit, you will also learn about how to improve business productivity by processing large volumes of data.

Unit Includes:

Big Data Fundamentals

Advanced concepts of big data

Large-scale data processing

ETL and data ingestion

Hive and querying, and many more

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Big Data MITS6005 Help: Victorian Institute of Technology, Australia

The Victorian Institute of Technology is regarded as one of Australia’s most prestigious universities. The VIT was founded in 1998 and has been recognized on the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency’s National Register of Higher Education Providers as a higher education provider since 2014.

The university provides approved, nationally recognized qualifications and short courses in cutting-edge technologies in the automotive, digital production, information technology, multi-media, business management, and hospitality industries.

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"Data is the new gold."

You might have often heard this quote. We are here to support this argument and also to show you how to use it to your benefit.

With the massive influx of information, the capacity for data generation has increased 10 times compared to preexisting standards. This need for someone who can handle the data has led to the introduction of the MITS 6005 Big Data Exam.

What is the Big Data Exam?

This exam is designed to test you on the basis of your understanding and conceptual clarity regarding deriving, handling, and analyzing insights from large and complex data sheets. In short, you are responsible for a series of processes, beginning with data collection, storage, analysis, and visualization.

In this blog, we will give you insights into why you should look at this subject as a high-yielding career prospectus. We will give you answers to your speculations about the relevance of big data in this era, whether it holds long-term importance, and whether it is beneficial for a stay-at-home mother or not. Stay tuned!

How big is Big Data?

You can assume the length and breadth of the data, especially if the term has ‘big’ in it. It is ‘big’ to the extent that its manipulation and management present logistical challenges. This data is so quick to transition that if you fall behind in the process of retrieval, the company might face a huge loss.

The significance of ‘big data’ can be showcased by presenting you with a few questions.

How does a mobile company decide ‘where to launch the new security update of the software?'

McDonald's has introduced ‘tandoori chicken’ to the Indian menu.

Why are the prices of certain things overpriced in cities with high living costs?


All these questions can be answered with the help of data analysis.

What is the use of big data?

The most straightforward use of data is to drive profits for the company. It is used to answer questions like ‘how to improve operations, provide better customer service, create personalized marketing campaigns, and take action on other deciding factors’.

For example, information about how satisfied a customer is, what products did the customer browsed, what products were checked out but not added to the cart, etc. All the data retrieved through these assessments can be used to refine the marketing, advertising, and promotions for the company. This practice is done to increase customer engagement, making the company a success.

The medical field stands second when it comes to the quantity of data generated. Some uses are to identify disease signs and risk factors to help diagnose illnesses and medical conditions in patients. The data from healthcare surveys, labs, electronic health records, and social media sites is used to keep the health service provider institutions up-to-date.

The Three V’s of Big Data

Volume is the foremost characteristic of big data. Storing large volumes of data is a basic purpose of clickstreams, system logs, and stream processing.

Variety: Typically, big data is of three types: structured data, unstructured data, and semistructured data.

Velocity: The speed at which the data is generated. Managing data velocity is important, as this further leads to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

These were the three major characteristics of bug data, but as we quoted above "big data is unfathomable". Hence, the introduction of the other Three V's
{Insert a picture of ‘The Six V’s of Big Data.
How to deal with the Big Data MITS6005 Exam

The exam typically covers a range of topics, including:

Data collection and storage provide you with an understanding of data sources, databases, data lakes, and cloud-based platforms.

Data processing will teach you how to clean, transform, and analyze that data. How to transform unstructured data into properly formatted data

Visualization: working on the presentation of the data

Ethical code: a pledge to maintain the privacy of data

Preparing for the Big Data MITS6005 Exam

The preparation starts with forming a tight grasp on the fundamentals of data sources. Never shy away from giving tests. Internalize this saying: Bleed in practice, so you don’t have to bleed in war. Work on real-world projects or engage in online coding platforms to gain excellence in the skill.


Although big data is very complex to handle, making a career in a hard-to-learn skill can help you achieve the desired results. With an insight into ‘how the data has the capability to dominate the world’, are you ready to test your patience and grit?

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