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Subject Code – MECH7005
Subject Name – Advanced Robotics
University Name – Western Sydney University

Advanced Robotics.

Advanced robotics is a combination of complex programming and powerful hardware that interacts with the actual environment using smart sensor technology (such as ultrasonic, touch, and light sensors). The purpose of this subject is to introduce students to engineering ideas that are involved in robotics. The fundamentals of robotics will be covered, including kinematics, dynamics, control, and sensing. Furthermore, artificial intelligence principles and their applications in robotics will be addressed and evaluated in this subject.

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Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University is a multi-campus Australian university located in Sydney’s greater western region. Yearly hundreds of students enroll in this university to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate, or several other courses. Academic quality, ethics, and the quest for knowledge are valued at Western Sydney University. The university is ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide.

Learning Outcomes-

Analyze and create industrial robot mathematical models.

Create sophisticated controls for robotic systems.

Analyze and implement sensor technology in robots.

Create artificial intelligence for robot applications and implement it.

Question 1:

If a Cartesian Coordinate system (XYZ) is established for a UMI RTX robot. Use trigonometric (geometric) methods to calculate and find the forward kinematics of
the first 3 Degree-of-freedom (DOF) of the robot, i.e., obtain the forward kinematic
equations for the location of the wrist center. (3MARKS)

Question 2:

Use MATLAB to calculate and plot 100 points of the wrist center location in 3
dimensions, when joint 1 is moving from 400 mm to 1100 mm and joints 2 and 3 are moving from The program should plot the movement of the wrist center in 3D and in XY,
XZ, and YZ planes. (3MARKS)

Question 3:

Determine the inverse kinematics using the geometrical method if the wrist center location (Xw, Yw, Zw) is known. (3MARKS)

Question 4:

Calculate the first three joint movements required to obtain the following (Xw, Yw, Zw) locations using the equations derived in Question 2 above. Please mention explicitly if there are multiple solutions or if there is none. (2MARKS)

MECH7005 Advanced Robotics1
Question 5:

Use the Denavit-Hartenberg representation to establish coordinate systems of the robot
a) Label the links and joints. (1 mark)
b) Produce a diagram of the robot (or use a photocopy of the figure below), to show the
location of each set of DH coordinate systems in the links. (3 mark)
c) Draw up a table with DH values for a link and joint parameters for the robot.
(3 mark)
d) Write the forward kinematic equations in matrix form (no need to expand that
multiplication) using the link and joint parameters that you have already identified.
(2 mark)

In the written report, students are required to submit handwritten results for tasks 1, 2, 4, and 5. For task 3, students should submit a computer plot that shows the positions of the robot wrist center. Students should also submit the MATLAB program (printed version) for Question 3.

MECH7005 Advanced Robotics2
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