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ITECH5403 Language Design Essay
Subject Code – ITECH5403
Subject Name – Language Design Essay
University Name – Federation University, Australia 
A programming language is a computer language that is used to connect with computers by programmers or developers. It’s a series of instructions written in any language (C, C++, Java, Python) to accomplish a given goal.

Types of Programming Languages

Procedural programming language
A sequence of statements or instructions that leads to a result is executed using the procedural programming language. This type of programming language is differentiated from functional programming languages by the usage of many variables, heavy loops, and other components. Other than the function’s value returns, procedural language functions can influence variables. Example of Procedural programming language is C, Pascal, etc.

Functional programming language
Functional programming languages were created specifically for symbolic computing and list processing. Mathematical functions are the foundation of functional programming. Lisp, Python, Erlang, Haskell, Clojure, etc are examples of functional programming languages.

Object-Oriented programming language
Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming language that organizes software design around data or codes rather than functions and logic. Example – Java, C++ etc.

Commonly used programming languages are-
Javascript, etc.
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Federation University Australia

Federation University is a university that provides both vocational and higher education courses in Ballarat in Victoria, Australia. The university has also extended its education parameters in various regions like Ararat, Horsham, Stawell, Churchill, Berbick, and Brisbane. Courses offered at the university are – Arts, Humanities, Business, Engineering, Nursing, Paramedicine, Science, Mathematics, Visual Arts, and many others.

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Assessment Details

The topic of the essay is – Design a programming language for the problem domain of Mobile Applications.
The following are the key points to remember while creating the programming language for Mobile applications –
Have comprehensive support for user interfaces (i.e. GUIs),
Be able to work in an efficient, event-driven manner,
Be able to model real-world problems using custom data types (i.e. support abstraction),
Provide the ability to send and receive data to/from servers or other devices,
Allow for the use of rich multimedia capabilities to enable sound/video playback and allow video games to be created (even if just via libraries),
Be very efficient to minimize battery usage on these mobile devices.

It’s worth thinking about the aspects of a mobile device-oriented programming language in terms of a number of features, including:
Data types and structures;
Maintenance / Reliability of code; and
Security requirements.

The actual implementation of the language and toolset is obviously outside the scope of this course, but you must express and justify the design decisions behind your programming language in terms of:
The features and functionality that will allow your language to be suitable and useful for the problem domain (including what differentiates it from existing languages),
The programming paradigms, such as procedural, object-oriented, logic, and functional programming.


You are free to design your language to be either interpreted, compiled, or to work in a hybrid manner, but you must thoroughly justify your decision. All language design choices must be legitimate, rational decisions that are backed up by robust discussion of the subject area.
In addition, your document should include numerous references to back up any and all specific claims that you make. All references should be made in the APA referencing style.
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