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Mobile Network Design NNT6542
Subject Code – NNT6542
Subject Name – Mobile Network Design
University Name – Victoria University, Australia
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Mobile Network Design

This subject will help the students to enhance their knowledge about cellular network access mechanisms such as FDMA, TDMA, and CDMA. The unit also covers cellular networking, micro and macrocellular systems, WCDMA, LTE systems, and 5G mobile data networks. To improve student employment after graduation, the wireless enterprise, PMR, Standardisation, Security concerns, Regulatory environment, Emerging, and Future Standards are also covered.

Wireless Lan
Wireless local area networking, often known as WLAN is a term for connecting computers and other devices via wireless digital signals. Wi-Fi, which refers to a collection of standards for how devices can communicate on wireless networks, is one of the most widely used wireless LAN technologies today.

Steps for designing a wireless LAN:
Wireless LANs are simple to create. Follow certain steps while designing WLAN and ensure that your WLAN has perfect coverage.
Determine your required capacity
Site Survey
Refine your survey to take your applications into account
Install the access points
Consider interoperability
Consider management and maintenance

Victoria University, Australia
Victoria University is a public university based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The university has extended its campuses in many cities across Australia providing courses in both higher education and Technical and Further education.

Assessment Details

Designing a wireless mobile LAN

Learning Outcomes

1. Develop specialized technical cell planning for a particular wireless communication system;
2. Evaluate wireless system performance in terms of quality of service and grade of service using a systems approach.
3. Examine and deploy software tools for radio cell planning in a critical manner.
4. Conduct a survey and investigation of the functioning of key wireless technologies, such as WCDMA LTE, 5G, and dimension networks; and
5. Propose processes for the operation of popular wireless multiple access strategies, as well as identify their strengths and drawbacks.

This assessment requires students to design a secure enterprise wireless network using
Packet Tracer for a very large campus that has a building on a big land. The students should
develop a WLAN using APs and a tower that enables users outside the building to
communicate with the users inside.
The students are required to submit a report, which includes:

1. Analyse the requirements i.e., network hardware/software and QoS to make sure the
the following criteria are met:
a) Confidentiality
b) Integrity
c) Availability
d) Authentication
e) Authorization

2. Explore the wireless network architecture based on the requirements.

3. Discuss and analyze the security issues and the countermeasure(s) that you have designed.
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