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MGT502 Business Communication

Subject Code – MGT502
Subject Name – Business Communication
University Name – Torrens University, Australia

Business Communication MGT502

Business Communication

As we all know that communication is important for the success of any business. The process of communicating information between people inside and outside a corporation is known as business communication.

Employees and management communicate effectively to achieve organizational goals through effective business communication. Its goal is to improve organizational methods and cut down on mistakes.

Importance of Business Communication is-
Management Efficiency
For smooth operations and working of the management, communication is very important. A managerial task can only be performed efficiently if the communication process is effective.

Effective Leadership
Good communication is essential for effective leadership. Effective communication requires two-way communication. The subordinates must be managed by a managerial leader. Qualitative leadership is required for an order to be placed. And that is something that a good communication system can provide.

Facilitates Innovation in Business
Effective corporate communication aids in business innovation and allows employees to freely express their ideas and opinions. Similarly, good communication assures the performance of the sales team, market acceptance of the product, timely delivery of items in the market, and so on when releasing any new product in the market.

Increase Employee Participation
Employee participation in management is emphasized through effective communication. It aids in the development of employee morale and good working relationships between management and employees.

Torrens University, Australia
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Assessment Details

Learning Outcomes

The subject Business Communication direct following learning outcomes:

Use suitable research, academic, and communication abilities for the level of study, and follow academic referencing guidelines.

Analyze texts and/or multimedia material critically in both a corporate and academic setting.

Recognize and use effective communication techniques in a corporate and academic setting.

Examine how technology is used and how it is important in the business environment.

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Assessment Tasks

Task 1

Write a 300 words discussion forum post critically analyzing a topic given to you by the Learning Facilitator.

Check your announcements.

Investigate the topic chosen by the facilitator and research what makes it effective.

Please consider the following key points when writing the discussion forum post:

Your post should analyze the topic.

Consider using one or more specific examples to add value to your post.

Include sources and evidence.

You are required to include references to literature. Use at least 2 in-text citations per post.

Please include a reference list.

Task 2

Select 10 resources on a topic related to communication and write a 1500-word annotated
bibliography summarizing the central theme and scope of the resources.

Apply your research skills to identify, select and analyze resources related to the topic. Locate resources (books, periodicals, white papers, and other documents) that may contain useful information and ideas on the issue.

Write an annotation of 150 words for each resource, summarizing its’ central
theme and scope. The annotation should:

evaluate the authority or background of the author

comment on the intended audience

compare and contrast this work with another you have cited

explain how this work inform your topic

Please note that the issue and resources used in Assessment 1 Part A will also form the basis for Assessment 1 Part B.

When writing the annotated bibliography, you are required to:

Include a title page with student details (i.e. student name, ID number, subject
code & name, assessment number, and title).

Use at least 1 in-text citation per annotation.

Adhere to the word limit of 1500 words.

Task 3

Write a critical argument on the topic selected in Assessment 1 Part A Annotated Bibliography. Provide supporting evidence for the argument from the resources used in Assessment 1 Part A.

Use the annotated bibliography resources from Assessment 1 Part A for sourcing
evidence and ideas for your argument. Review the resources critically and select at
least 5 to be used as references for this assessment.

Please structure your argument as follows:

Title page

Introduction: provide a short introduction with a claim.

Main body: with a logical structure including supporting evidence from
academic sources.

Conclusion: a concise conclusion that restates your claim and summarises
your argument.

References: please provide the reference list on a separate page.

Please use at least 5 in-text citations. Indicate logical connections and use connecting words

Task 4

Discussion Forum Post- Analyse characteristics of exemplary business communication. (300 words)

Critique one peer post (from Discussion Forum submitted in Module 2.1) (300 words)

Summarise learning (300 words)

Task 5

In this assessment, students are required to prepare a 5-minute presentation identifying aspects of a specific type of exemplary business presentation such as sales pitches, progress reports, business proposals, etc. (decided by the facilitator). Describe the elements included in a successful delivery giving examples and practical recommendations.

Face-to-face students should present their findings using 5-10 PowerPoint slides or Presentation.

Online students may use visual aids in their video but should address the audience
directly paying attention to audio quality, lighting quality, sincerity of presentation,
clarity of your perspective, and overall impact.

Presentation Questions:

Presentations should address the following questions, along with any other relevant points:

What does an exemplary business presentation look like?

Which characteristics make it effective?

How does the effectiveness of the presentation affect the outcome?

How can the use of technology improve business communication?

In a business environment, when would you likely use business presentation skills?

What is the main conclusion(s) of your presentation?

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