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Advanced Switching ITNE3008

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Advanced Switching ITNE3008

Advanced Switching ITNE3008 Exam Help
Subject Code – ITNE3008
Subject Name – Advanced Switching
University Name – Victorian Institute of Technology, Australia

Advanced Switching, ITNE 3008, is one of the elective units taught to undergraduate students pursuing a Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems degree at the Victorian Institute of Technology, Australia. To fulfil the current IT industry needs, the Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems degree focuses on teaching knowledge and abilities to students in computer networking, application development, and computer-based software.

Aim of the Unit

Students will learn how to implement, monitor, and maintain switching in converged enterprise campus networks during this unit.

Students will also learn how to plan, configure, and validate complicated enterprise switching solutions' deployment. After clearing the Advanced Switching ITNE3008 examination, you will be able to:

Describe and implement VLAN and Spanning Tree technology.

Plan, configure, and verify trunking, private VLANs, and link aggregation with Ether Channel.

Learn inter-VLAN routing and DHCP in a multilayer switched environment.

Describe, configure, and verify software security.

Monitor, analyze, and improve switch performance, connectivity, and security issues.

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What is advanced switching?

Also known as advanced switching interconnected (ASI), advanced switching is an intricate field of study. It is designed to teach students how to implement, monitor, and maintain changes in converged enterprise campus networks—knowing complex enterprise switching solutions. The learning will vary from planning, understanding the configuration process, and verifying the implementation.


1. Fundamental Review
2. Network Design Basics
3. Network Architecture
4. Use and implementation of the Spanning Tree
5. Use of Inter-VLAN Routing
6. Network Management
7. Implementing high availability and redundancy
8. Proficient in understanding network infrastructure


How does a network switch work?

It works as a mediator. It is a temporary connection between the sources and the destination through which the packet transfers. When a packet is sent by a reference to reach its goal, it first enters the switch. The switch then reads the header on the container. Finding the MAC address is the next step. Then, the packet is sent out through the appropriate ports to reach its destination.


What are the primary switching techniques?

The role of different switching techniques is to select or decide the best route for transferring a package from its source to its destination. These are divided into three categories:

1. Circuit Switching
2. Message switching
3. Packet switching


CIRCUIT Switching

When a dedicated communication pathway is established between two devices, if this pathway is designated only for the duration of the conversation, this type of switching is called network switching. For example, traditional telephone networks Are not the first choice for data communication. The reasons, methods, and explanations for this will be taught in this course.


Packet Switching

It serves the purpose of breaking data into small packets. These small packets are then routed through the network to their destination. It is more commonly used in modern IP-based networks, including the Internet.


Message Switching

In this case, data is sent as complete messages from the source to the destination. Therefore, it cannot transmit data and is not used in modern networks.

What are the significant uses of network switches?
The process of network switching is an essential part of network communication. Some of the uses of a network switch are mentioned below:

1. They aid in providing automatic link connections. The connections help remove time constraints and reduce the time taken to perform the process.

2. The network becomes more secure and reliable with the help of network switches. The student proficient in this course can have better control over the data. That will help the company that he is serving indirectly.

3. Network switches work in duplex mode. This setting slows the transmission of data.


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