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Revised Instructions for All Torrens University Assignments

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Revised Instructions for All Torrens University Assignments

Revised Instructions for All Torrens University Assignments

Assignments are a very important and common term used among students studying in universities. The main purpose of the assignments is to increase the bond between students and the academic curriculum. Students pursuing several different courses at Torrens University in Australia know how important their assignments hold for them. And submitting them according to the university guidelines as well as per professor expectations to score first-class grades.

Recently it’s been observed that Torrens University has revised its guidelines for assignment submission, which is necessary for a student studying at the university to know and acknowledge the same. 

In this blog, we aim to familiarise and inform you with refurbishing guidelines or new assessment instructions that are useful for you. 

New Instructions for All Assessment Submissions

Below are some new instructions which Torrens University has introduced to regulate your assignments/ assessments, that are- 

Keep a Draft

Students are asked to keep the draft ( Master/ Mother File) for all their assessments. 

Use References

All students are required to use some References from the module for all their assessments.

Submission File

Students have to make sure that all their assessments are submitted in MS word format and not in PDF.

Self Check for Plagiarism 

Before submitting the final assessment to the professor, students should be supposed to use a self-check for plagiarism ( SafeAssign) and Studiosity. They should use it 72 hours before the due date so that you can make corrections if needed. 

Referencing Style

To reference the used sources, students must follow APA 7th edition referencing style.

Special Consideration Form

Torrens University states that if a student is unable to submit his/her assignment on the due date, and asks for an extension,  then he or she has to submit a Special Consideration form. In such circumstances, students must follow the following procedure-

  • Fill in the Application for assessment special consideration with your extensions explained. 
  • Attach your evidence or supporting documents.
  • Mention the number of days that you are asking for an extension.
  • Send your completed form to your professor 2 days prior to the submission deadline. 

An assignment is considered overdue when it is not submitted by the due date or by the agreed extension calendar day (i.e 24 hours), the assessment is considered late, and a loss of 10% of the total possible marks will be deducted. 

Scared About New Instructions For Assessments? No Need To… 

Students already face challenges creating their comprehensive assignments, and the addition of these instructions may make assignment completion a monumental task for them. 

The purpose of this blog is not only to inform you about the new instructions for assessments but also to let you know that AssignmentGlobal is always there to assist you with your academic assignments. 

We are already informed and aware of these new instructions and can easily assist you with top-quality assignment help. No doubt, our talented team of experienced experts are well versed with the APA 7th edition referencing style and curate your Torrens University assignments adhering to the same style. 

So, there is no need to panic and be scared of these new instructions as for our academic professionals it is a simple task and they make sure to cater to you with everything that you require to score high grades. Hence, seek professional assistance for a bright academic career. 

Get Assured Torrens University Assignment Help For All Courses As Per New Instructions

We at AssignmentGlobal never compromise with the quality and make sure that we deliver every assignment as per our customer’s requirements. Our team of experts is very well aware of the Torrens University change in assessments guidelines and keep in mind those instructions while preparing assignments for you. 

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