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Recently Updated on January 25, 2024

Revised Instructions for All Torrens University Assignments

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Revised Instructions For All Torrens University Assignments

In this blog, we will hold your hand and take you on a long journey while explaining how to ace the assignment submission task. The process of submitting assignments might seem a bit monotonous and tedious, but what keeps you going are the scores that you get.

Whether you are a freshman or a senior, these precious tips will help you score some extra brownie points to ace the assignments.

Understand the Guidelines

Before moving on with the question and starting the research part, it is very important to keep in mind that the assignment guidelines are to be read through. Your instructor must have provided you with some guidelines, formats, etc. to be followed while solving the assignments.

These guidelines may include

Assignment’s due date

Required Format (Word Document, PDF, Power Point Presentation)

Word Count

Referencing Style

Line spacing

Alignment of the text

Word limit of titles, etc.

Make a note of all the attributes, and then start with the research part.

Assignment Preparation

Research might start with your textbooks, library resources, or a simple Google search. You have access to multiple resources, and utilizing those for your assignment would help you have a well made assignment. This part is crucial as to what kind of answers your assignment provides and whether you will ace it or not.

You can have a very well structured assignment and still fall when it comes to grading, because the content that you have researched about won't be relevant.

First Draft

Edit, edit, edit, and edit some more. This is the go to solution when you have your first draft in hand.

Printing out the first draft and then making the necessary changes would make the process a lot easier for your mind. This way, you will shift from digital mode to pen and paper, thereby providing you with a greater understanding of what you have written.

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Things to remember when done with your first draft

Never edit the first draft itself; make another document

Copy and paste the first draft’s content into the second document and then work on it.

Dont scrap off the unnecessary information, you might need it later

Proofreading: The necessity

The most hateful task ever made Think so too? Well, we can help you. Our experts can not only write assignments on your behalf and make you look more intelligent with better presented assignments; they can also proofread them for you.

Here is the checklist to go through

Check for grammar

and spelling errors

Punctuation errors

Clear and concise presentation of ideas

No similar paragraphs

Don’t write about the same idea twice

Highlight the important conclusions

Arrange the ideas chronologically

Make a copy

Save your assignment, because you can never trust the university database. Can you claim that you submitted your assignment once you lost it? No, so better have it on your device, before submitting it.

Procedure to be followed duly

Click on the submission link and follow the instructions point-by-point. Select the correct assignment, fill out all the necessary fields, and then click the submit button.

Review and confirm

Before hitting the final submission button, make sure that you have selected the right assignment. Check it again, now you can submit it.


Revised Instructions for All Torrens University Assignments

Assignments are a very important and common term used among students studying at universities. The main purpose of the assignments is to increase the bond between students and the academic curriculum. Students pursuing several different courses at Torrens University in Australia know how much importance their assignments hold for them. And submitting them according to the university guidelines as well as per the professor's expectations to score first-class grades.

New Instructions for All Assessment Submissions

Below are some new instructions which Torrens University has introduced to regulate your assignments/ assessments, that are-

1. Keep a Draft
Students are asked to keep the draft ( Master/ Mother File) for all their assessments.

2. Use References
All students are required to use some References from the module for all their assessments.

3. Submission File
Students have to make sure that all their assessments are submitted in MS Word format and not in PDF.

4. Self Check for Plagiarism
Before submitting the final assessment to the professor, students should be supposed to use a self-check for plagiarism (SafeAssign) and studiousness. They should use it 72 hours before the due date so that you can make corrections if needed.

Referencing Style

To reference the used sources, students must follow the APA 7th edition referencing style.

Special Consideration Form

Torrens University states that if a student is unable to submit his/her assignment on the due date, and asks for an extension, he or she has to submit a Special Consideration form. In such circumstances, students must follow the following procedure-

1. Fill out the Application for Assessment with Special Consideration with your extensions explained. Attach your evidence or supporting documents. Mention the number of days for which you are asking for an extension.

2. Send your completed form to your professor 2 days prior to the submission deadline.

3. An assignment is considered overdue when it is not submitted by the due date or by the agreed extension calendar day (i.e., 24 hours), the assessment is considered late, and a loss of 10% of the total possible marks will be deducted.


Wait for the grades, and don’t bite your nails. Submitting an assignment before the deadline can seem like a daunting task for students, especially if it includes submitting an assignment every week. This can take up a lot of your time. Reach out to us, and this way we can guide you to the next step. The next step would be to relax. Because we have got your back.

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