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Subject Name – Accounting for Management M

Subject Code – ACCT5011

University Name – University of South Australia

Online exam help for Accounting for Management M ACCT5011

Accounting for Management ACCT5011, is a subject offered by the University of South Australia to provide commerce students with a broad and in-depth understanding of the principles of financial and management accounting and enable them to properly understand financial and management accounting reports from a client perspective.

The subject of Accounting for Management ACCT5011 includes various topics which one should understand briefly to clear the examination with flying colours.

In the following subject, you will learn about- Management accounting and business environment, accounting information and its usefulness in business decision making, recording and analysis of business transactions, formation of financial statements, presentation and limitation of the balance sheet, income statement, Cash Flow analysis, Funds flow analysis, cost management and control, budgets and budgetary control, capital investment decisions and many more. 

More About Accounting for Management M ACCT5011

Accounting for Management, also known as accounting for managers, is the process of gathering information (both qualitative and quantitative) from various sources such as Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Tax Accounting, Human Resource Accounting, and so on, selecting the most important ones out of the total, analyzing them using certain tools or techniques, and then passing them on to management for making decisions in the organisation’s and parties’ best interests. 

As a result, Accounting for Management can be described as selective in nature, with only significant information collected from various sources being provided to management. The information is used by management to make both routine and strategic decisions.

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Disciplines of Accounting for Management M ACCT5011

The scope of Management Accounting in the business world is to utilize accounting information in solving business problems and taking effective decisions. However, the scope of management accounting is very wide and broad. It is difficult to state the exact scope of accounting for management. 

Thus, the  disciplines of management accounting are as follows:

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is the practice of recognizing, recording, classifying, summarising, evaluating, and interpreting a company’s financial outcomes. The financial statements in the form of income statements, funds flow statements, cash flow statements, and other financial statements are prepared under financial accounting to provide various information to various stakeholders of the business organisation and are duly audited and certified by the concern’s auditor. As a result, crucial information is generated from financial accounting for management’s benefit.

Cost Accounting

The practice of determining the cost of goods or services using various methods or procedures is known as cost accounting. It calculates the entire cost of the goods as well as the selling price by factoring in enough profit. It also includes cost controlling techniques such as managerial costing, standard costing, and budgetary costing.

The management accountant gathers information from cost accounting on a regular basis and distributes it to management.

Budgeting and Forecasting 

Budgeting is the process of calculating how much money a company expects to make in the future. Financial forecasting, on the other hand, predicts the quantity of revenue or income that will be generated in the future. The accountant manager collects useful information out of budgeting and forecasting which he/she thinks is important for business organisations.

Revaluation Accounting

The revaluation accounting system ensures that real-world capital is preserved. The proper quantity of profit is computed and employed for managerial decision-making when this fact is kept in mind.

Financial Analysis

The data collected from financial statements are analysed using appropriate statistical approaches such as mean, mode, median, standard deviation, ratio analysis, break-even point, etc to make implications for future decision making. To make the results more understandable, graphs, diagrams, and other visual aids are used to illustrate them.

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