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People Leadership And Performance BUSS5114 Online Exam Help
Subject Name – People Leadership, and Performance
Subject Code – BUSS5114
University Name – University of South Australia
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People Leadership and Performance BUSS5114 EXAM HELP

The University of South Australia offers People Leadership and Performance BUSS5114 subject to students pursuing a Bachelor of Business degree from the university.

The subject provides undergraduate students with both theoretical and practical knowledge of organisational behaviour, leadership, and management while researching and critically evaluating many forms in various organisational, cultural, and industry situations. The subject also requires discussing and evaluating the relationship between an organisation’s culture, leadership, and personnel, as well as design performance management techniques.

Overview of People Leadership and Performance for Business Success.

The act of leading people inside an organization toward a personal and professional goal is characterized as leadership. Leaders can achieve this goal by influencing employee behavior through a variety of methods.

Effective communication skills, interpersonal skills, motivational skills, responsibility-sharing, delegation, and strategic vision are some of the characteristics that depict a leader. In this context, leaders are those that establish a clear vision and objective for the company in order to excite, encourage, motivate and guide individuals through their work processes. A successful leader is responsible for a successful organization.

Different Leadership Styles

In a business environment, there are various leadership styles. But the culture and the goal of an organization determine which leadership style fits the best. Different types of leadership styles are as follows-

Autocratic Leadership Style

In the Authoritarian leadership style, the leader takes all decisions by himself.

Managers with an authoritarian leadership style can make choices without consulting others. Managers have complete control over their staff and can impose their will on them. No one opposes autocratic leaders’ decisions.

This leadership style is best suited in an organization where direct supervision of the leader is required.

Laissez Faire Leadership Style

This leadership style is also known as the Delegative Leadership style. Employees are not directly supervised by a laissez-faire leader, and those under his supervision are not given regular updates. This type of leader possesses trust in its employees. The laissez-faire leadership style is characterized by highly experienced and trained staff who require little supervision.

However, not all employees have these characteristics. This leadership approach prevents employees that require monitoring from producing. Managerial efforts at leadership and oversight are absent under the laissez-faire model, which can result in poor productivity, a lack of control, and increased expenses.

Democratic Leadership Style

This is also known as the Participative Leadership style and this leadership style is rooted in democratic theory. In this leadership style, the leader involves employees’ engagement and respects their opinions or ideas. A democratic leader effectively motivates employees which further leads to increased productivity.

A democratic leader maintains a healthy relationship within the organization.

Transactional Leadership Style

The principle of reward and punishment shapes the transactional leadership style. Transactional leaders feel that these two aspects have a complete impact on an employee’s performance. When workers are encouraged, they put up their best effort, and the incentive is usually monetary in nature and they are given a negative evaluation if they do not meet the established goal. Transactional executives pay more attention to their employees’ physical and security needs.

Effective Leadership leads to effective employee Performance

Leadership is critically important in every business organization because it encourages team members to perform better, enhances motivation and morale, and aids in the response to change.

Leadership enhances organisational success by instilling a sense of duty and accountability among the organization’s members. In a nutshell, it raises the worth of a company.

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