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Subject Code – COIT13229
Subject Name – Applied Distributed Systems
University Name – Central Queensland University, Australia

Applied Distributed Systems

List of programming languages we serve,
HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser.
The most widely used object-oriented programming language is Java. Java is popular among developers because of its security features. We can create a wide range of programs using Java, including enterprise applications, network applications, desktop applications, online applications, games, and Android apps, among others.
Java Fx is a set of graphics that developers use to design, create, and deploy rich client applications that work across multiple platforms.
UML (Unified Modelling Language) is a way to visually represent the design, architecture, and implementation of complex software systems.

Central Queensland University, Australia

Central Queensland University is a public university in Central Queensland. The university offers a wide range of certificates, diplomas, and graduate and post-graduate degree courses to students.

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Assessment Details

Learning Outcomes-

⦁ Compare the advantages and drawbacks of distributed vs. centralized solutions.
⦁ Create software components that can execute in parallel on several computers connected to a network.
⦁ To construct practical distributed applications, use a variety of distributed system algorithms and techniques.
⦁ Explain how operating system services and file systems play a part in the development of distributed applications.
⦁ Examine methods for developing distributed systems that are secure, dependable, and efficient.
The objective of the assessment-
The purpose of this assessment item is to assess your skills attributable to the following
learning outcomes and your achievement of the expected graduate attributes of intermediate-level communication, information literacy, and graduate-level problem solving, critical thinking, and information technology competence.

Your task in this assessment is to analyze the given problem, model, design, implement, test
, and document a client/server application that allows multiple users to access stored data or
add new data. You will be implementing the software solution, applying efficient algorithms,
inheritance, polymorphism, and exception handling. You should also write a report, as specified in this document, demonstrating your conceptual knowledge.


Include necessary accessor, mutator methods, constructors, and toString() methods for each
class. Also, follow good coding practices, using meaningful names, camel case notation for
naming, constants as necessary, and include meaningful comments. You can use NetBeans to develop your application. Follow the coding standards given on the Unit website.
You can have top-level generic classes and extend them to create specialized classes. You
need not include login information and store such details, as this will be included in the
second Assignment where you will be extending this solution.

Guidance on the level of assistance you can use.

You are expected to understand several concepts and apply those concepts to design and
build a software solution. At this level, you can use the provided materials, and online resources for further reading and take assistance from your classmates or teammates to develop a deeper understanding of the concepts. You can also sort help debug the implemented program.
But you should design, implement and test your program on your own.


You should submit a report containing the following details.
1. UML class diagrams for the classes
Note: UML class diagrams generated using a software tool after completing the
coding will not be accepted.
2. A diagram showing the system architecture illustrating the client-server connection
and the multiple clients connecting to the server.
3. Test plan showing input data, expected results, and actual results. Show testing of
erroneous entries also.
4. Clearly write the steps of client-server communication happening during the program
run and data going between client and server for the Customer Registration event. You
can use a diagram.

Assignment Submission

You should submit the following source code files and word document using the Moodle
online submission system. (Note: the file names/class names could be changed to meaningful names). Do not zip the whole project folder and submit it.
• .java files for your classes, including client and server operations
• .html file for your client-side or .fxml file for your GUI
• .css file for GUI formating
• Report.doc – Your word document containing the report.

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