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BSBPMG532 Manage Project Quality
In this blog, you will get to know the instructions and everything that a student needs to know before preparing for your Predictive Analytics MIS772 exam.

What is Project Quality Management?

The process of continuously measuring and evaluating the quality of all activities and taking corrective actions until the required quality is attained is known as project quality management. Quality management processes aid in project cost control, the establishment of standards, and the determination of the measures necessary to achieve and validate those standards.

These three processes are used to manage project quality:
Planning of high quality
Assurance of high quality
Controlling the quality
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Writing your responses

When answering questions, ensure that your answers are detailed enough so the assessor can draw a conclusion that you have the knowledge and/ or skills to demonstrate competency. Handwritten answers must be written in blue or black pen. When producing reports, ensure that your project has a title page, table of contents, page numbers, reference list, ensuring that your answers thoroughly match the questions asked.

Answer all questions in your own words to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism is copying someone else’s work or ideas and saying that it is your own work. Sources of work must be properly referenced, outlining the source of your ideas. Penalties may include having to resubmit the assessment task again, repeating the Unit of competency, or for repeat plagiarism, expulsion from SBDI.

Learning Outcomes

Analyze and research business vision, mission, values, objectives, goals, competitors, financial targets, management arrangements, marketing approaches and strategic, business and operational plans.
Write a business plan which includes a description of the business, products and services, financial, physical and human resource requirements, permit and license requirements, marketing activity, financial indicators, productivity and performance targets for key result areas.
Implement a business plan including ensuring skilled labor is available, and that training is provided where appropriate.
Monitor and respond to business performance including evaluation of performance against key results indicators including profit and loss, community awareness or branding, environmental impact, governance, quality, sales, triple bottom line and the workforce consult, communicate with and report to key stakeholders including business partners, financiers, customers, staff and technical advisers.
Provide an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a business plan.

Written or Oral Questions

For this activity you will create a record of a project in order to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of project quality management.
Your record will need to explain how you would determine the project’s quality requirements, how you would implement quality processes and how you would implement project quality improvements.

Brief outline of the project. Create a log of your example project, explaining how you would:

Determine the project’s quality objectives with the project’s stakeholders.
Define the project’s quality metrics.
Communicate the project’s quality requirements to the team and stakeholders.
Document the quality requirements in the project management plan.
Undertake a quality assurance audit, noting the methods that would be used.
Assess the project’s quality control, noting the methods that would be used.
Take steps to identify a variance.
What is the variance?
How was it discovered?
How will you resolve the problem?
Record quality audit data.
Ensure that quality objectives are relevant and achievable in all four stages of the project’s life cycle
Review the project’s outcomes to determine how effective the quality management was.
Identify and document a lesson learned.
Why is it important to communicate with project stakeholders?
What is the purpose of a quality metric?
What is the purpose of quality management tools, techniques and methodologies
Explain why it is important for team members and stakeholders to be aware of quality requirements?
Why are quality requirements and metrics effective tools to use when measuring performance?
Define what quality assurance is and give an example.
Why is quality control useful?
Give an example of why a variance needs to be corrected, minimized and/ or otherwise tackled?
Why is information management important in quality management terms?
Why should you review project outcomes against performance requirements?
When is the best time to document lessons learned?
How often should documentation occur?
Who is responsible for documenting the lessons learned?
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