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Recently Updated on September 15, 2023

Goal of Evidence-Based Practice

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Goal Of Evidence Based Practice

Goal of Evidence Based Practice and Barriers: What You Must Know?

Evidence-based practice is a tried and true method for clinical practitioners and nurses. But it is not always simple to adopt beyond a project-by-project basis. The goal of evidence based practice considers the patient’s or caregiver’s values, priorities, and expectations in addition to the clinician’s or researcher’s knowledge and opinion gleaned through education and experience.

Care that is higher in quality, more affordable, and leads to more positive patient results may be achieved via evidence based practices. However, inadequate knowledge and abilities and a lack of leadership support might impede efforts to adopt the evidence based practice fully. Challenges might also arise from competing for organizational agendas and insufficient funds.
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When And How Can Nurses Use Evidence Based Practice?

Taking care of patients well is an ever-evolving process, not a set-in-stone discipline. Indeed, advocating for patients is crucial to every nurse’s job. It’s possible that patients may not be aware of all of their treatment choices or that they will not know where to go for crucial information regarding their diagnosis and care. The goal of evidence based practice aids nurses and patients in conducting evidence based analyses and making well-informed care decisions. When it comes to advocating for their patients, nurses should contact everyone from their patients’ physicians to their insurance companies.

What does evidence based practice look like in the hands of a nurse? There are components of Evidence Based Practice that nurses will find immediately recognizable. For instance, the Evidence Based Practice model places heavy emphasis on decision-making that considers clinical expertise. In addition to providing excellent care, good communication with the patient is essential. An important part of a nurse’s role as a patient advocate is listening to and responding to patients’ concerns, values, and aspirations.

Those well-versed in the goal of evidence based practice model will be able to identify the most reliable sources of information.

What's the Difference Between Research and Evidence-Based Practice?

Many people falsely believe that the goal of evidence based practice and academic study are interchangeable. It’s not true! The variance in their intended use is one of their most significant distinctions. The goal of every study is to either add to or verify the validity of a body of theoretically-based information. The research entails using disciplined, rigorous procedures to investigate a topic to draw conclusions or test hypotheses systematically. Researchers must follow the stages of the scientific process for their findings to be trusted.

Barriers to evidence-based practice

When it comes to barriers to evidence-based practice (Evidence-Based Practice), our aim isn’t to discover something new or to verify something already known. Instead, it’s to take what we already know and use it in clinical settings.

Although research significantly contributes to the goal of evidence-based practice, it does not stand alone. Evidence-Based Practice also considers the clinician’s and team’s experience and the patient’s values and preferences.

To What End Does Nursing Make Use Of Evidence Based Practice?

The introduction of the goal of evidence based practice has altered several aspects of nursing. To begin, the way nurses are trained has evolved. Many colleges have updated their BSN programs to include evidence based practice. Even in fast-tracked online RN-to-BSN programs, students learn how to expand their general nursing knowledge and the value of taking responsibility for their actions in the workplace. Students in these courses are pushed to think critically about the patient in light of their clinical, cultural, religious, and social contexts and the latest scientific findings.

As an evidence based practice (Evidence Based Practice) has now become a standard though not ordinary, so has the interest in and priority placed on nursing research. New scientific data may directly impact present and future professional nursing practices more than in the past. Even though research isn’t often a responsibility allocated to entry-level nurses, it might be good to know about it.

Learning how to do different types of research might help nurses succeed in fields other than direct patient care. More doors will open for nurses interested in research after they have amassed clinical experience and earned a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree. These jobs often include less hands-on patient care and greater independence. However, nurses can research, from conceptualization through data collection and analysis to report writing

Why Should We Use Evidence Based Methods?

The goal of the evidence-based practice movement end objective is to raise the bar for healthcare everywhere regarding accessibility and quality. Among the many advantages for both patients and nurses are:

Success rates for patients have increased
Patients’ health and results may benefit from the increased emphasis on care quality. Keeping up with the latest findings in healthcare research is essential for reducing the severity of chronic sickness and avoiding further medical issues.

Reduce healthcare expenses
About a quarter of all Americans have more than one chronic health condition, and treatment for these people may be expensive. Barriers to evidence-based practice’s patient-centered approach have the potential to cut healthcare expenditures for both healthy and chronically sick patients.

Superb abilities as a Nursing Professional
Advanced critical thinking and decision-making abilities are fostered by integrating the goal of evidence-based practice into all aspects of a nurse’s academic and practical training. Nurses are better equipped to respond to changing circumstances by using informatics and working in multidisciplinary teams. As a result, they have more self-assurance and take more delight in their accomplishments.

Improving healthcare for patients
Delivering high-quality, patient-centered care now requires the use of the evidence-based practice. Graduates of an RN-to-BSN program will be well-versed in evidence-based practice (goal of evidence-based practice) ideas. Evidence-based practice is a driving force in improving patient care, with advantages for both patients and nurses.
Final Thoughts
If you want to provide your patients with treatment that is both safe and high-quality, Evidence-Based Practice is an absolute must. Nurses and other clinicians may provide patients the best possible care at the lowest possible cost by adopting a goal evidence based practice perspective. To care for patients with severe and chronic illnesses, nurses must be up-to-date on the latest procedures.

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